Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hey new girl!

Today was my first day at my new job! It went extremely well, everyone seems super nice and the banking center is small, a lot like home. I guess in a weird way it made me have a sense of security. Like I said a few days ago I was getting a little home sick, but I have to say I have made myself a routine and it has helped tremendously. My friend Alicia and I have joined Plant Fitness and we are going 3 times a week for now. We go in the mornings! I love going at that time, there is really no one there and it gives you a boost to your whole day. So that issue was taking care of! :) I went to dinner with my Aunt Kathleen and Uncle Jessie that live about 10 minutes away, we had a blast...we always do! While talking to them I found out that they go to a Baptist church in Georgetown, I was pumped! I haven't found a "home church" yet. I didn't want to stray away from my Baptist roots, but did not want to find myself in my same old comfort zone by going to a small small church. They said it was HUGE and had a College group! :) I am anxious to visit Sunday. Maybe that will become my home!

Oh and by the way...I died my bangs red and took my fake nails off. It didn't take long for Austin to get a hold of me! :)



  1. I knew about the nails but not about the bangs!! :)

  2. I love them! :) I will show you soon.